All Groups below are here to help. They come from many walks of life but are there for the same purpose as LIPI. All groups are Free of Charge and have highly trained individuals as investigators. LIPI looks over each group and makes sure they meet the requirements. Which are Free of Charge, they do not release any personal information about their clients unless the clients approve, They are not in this field for fame or thrills, and are about doing anything to help the client. LIPI IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE GROUPS ACTIONS AND ARE NOT HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR ANY CLAIMS MADE BY BOTH THE GROUPS AND/OR CLIENTS. If groups are found to be fake or about the wrong reasons they will be removed from this site. So If you (the client) think a group is Falsely representing these rule please message Jeremy Hickey @ [email protected] and LIPI will help find another group in your area to help you (the client). Join us on  facebook @ 

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Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society

About Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society

We are a small team of paranormal investigaters in the Phoenix, Az area. Having personal, unexplained experiences ourselves has led us to this journey. We are dedicated to this field and are not thrill seekers. We believe spirits should be treated with respect and never provoked.

Mission Statement

Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society is a team of Paranormal Investigators (ghost hunters) based in Phoenix Arizona. Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society will investigate and research claims of paranormal activity with open minds, professional attitudes, and scientific as well as basic approaches. Although A.S.P.S can educate people on the paranormal, we do not claim to rid a location of spirits nor do we claim to make any paranormal activity stop at a location. Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society will gather evidence of paranormal activity and present our findings. Our intentions will not be to label a location as haunted or not haunted, but to try and document evidence as proof of paranormal activity. Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society will first look for natural occurrences as causes of paranormal activity before stating the evidence as proof of paranormal activity and will educate others with our knowledge gained through investigations. The Arizona Spirit Paranormal Society will respect our clients privacy. All investigations will be held in complete confidence and we will never charge for our services. 


Supernatural And Paranormal Investigation Team

About SuperNatural And Paranormal Investigation Team

SuperNatural and Paranormal Investigation Team is a non-profit paranormal research group founded on June 14, 2008.  SNAPIT consists of an elite team of trained investigators with more than 15 years experience in the paranormal field.

Mission Statement

Our team is dedicated to help individuals that may have any paranormal experiences, in their home, place of work or any where else. It is our commitment, to do our best to debunk or prove any activity that may cause any individual to feel afraid. Our methods consist of the use of technical equipment, and scientific process that we have been using with a great percentage of success. Our team is based on the belief that our clients needs are of the up most importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our cases are from repeated clients and referrals. We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best possible evidence that we could obtain.

Hunters of the Unknown

About Hunters of the Unknown
Hunters of the Unknown is not your average paranormal group.  We investigate hauntings, cryptids, UFO sightings, and anything strange or unusual.  If it goes bump in the night we will search for an answer.  Our group is based out of the southwest Chicago suburbs and always looking for the next hunt.

Hunters of the Unknown are here to help those who need answers to the paranormal issues they are experiencing by using scientific equipment to not only find evidence of the unknown but to understand it as well.  We do not charge for an investigation.


Mystic Shadows Paranormal

About Mystic Shadows Paranormal

Mystic Shadows Paranormal is a group of people who all have one thing in common. The Paranormal. Each of us have either have person experiences, been an investigator, or is just intrigued by the unknown. We all bring something different to the table. As a whole we have had over 10 years of skills, and numerous years of person experiences. Our Team is based out of San Jose, IL and serve Central Illinois Areas.

Mission Statement

We push ourselves to help others who are having unknown occurrences happen to them. We research, investigate, and compile any and all evidence to show our clients what we believe is going on.  All we want to do is help others.


 Kentucky Paranormal 

About Kentucky Paranormal

We were originally made up of 2 groups we merged in 2011.Two teams with one goal to help people with their paranormal problems.

Mission Statement

Our Goal Is to help those that are experiencing paranormal activity in their homes or businesses. We try to collect as much evidence as we can from a location, either to support or to disprove(debunk)the so called paranormal activity .Even though we come in as believers we are also skeptics to a certain point,we believe that about 90% of all paranormal activity can be disproved!!This field is not a scientific field yet,it is all based on theory and opinion. We do our best to help the client with his or her needs to the best of our ability. We are a non-profit organization made up of 2 experienced paranormal teams the Kentucky Spirit Seekers and Kentucky Shadow Chasers. KYS was founded in 2008 and is based out of Paris/Lexington KY.KSC was founded in 2003 and is based out of London KYP 

Hopkins County Paranormal Society

About Hopkins County Paranormal Society

We are  Hopkins County Paranormal Society and We are based out of Western KY. We are a non-profit organization. We do not believe in charging for our services. You can't put a price on the look on peoples faces once you have been able to provide them answers and help them.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to see what the client is experiencing and to go in with an open mind. We listen to what they have to tell us and first to try to fins logical explanations of why they may be experiencing what they are telling us. If we are unable to find a logical reason we try to capture evidence on our equipment, whether it be audio, video or photos. We keep everything 100% confidential unless they agree to have anything released. They do have to sign permission and release forms before any investigation can be done. One saying they are giving us permission to do the investigation and the other saying whether they want anything released or not. We investigate both residential and business as well as historical. We will help anyone who needs our help.  


Heartland Paranormal Research Organization

About Heartland Paranormal Research Organization

Heartland Paranormal Research Organization is a paranormal investigation team based in Springfield, MO. Althought the group is in its infancy, H.P.R.O.’s members have several years of experience in the paranormal field. H.P.R.O. investigates public properties, as well as private residences. We do not, nor will we ever charge for our services. Your safety, peace of mind and privacy is our utmost concern. If you feel you have a haunting, please contact us. We would love to help.

Mission Statement

Heartland Paranormal Research Organization’s mission is to provide unsurpassed professional and scientific investigations of alleged paranormal activity to obtain valid proof of paranormal phenomena and further understanding of the paranormal through evidence analysis and education.


Dark Specter Paranormal Research

About Dark Specter Paranormal Research

DSPR is a dedicated team of individuals that do paranormal investigations in private homes, businesses, or larger locations. We are located in Middle Tennessee and we never charge a fee for an investigation. Our team consists of ordinary people from various backgrounds that have come together with personal experiences in the unexplained. We have set out to find evidence to support our stories, and help others find the truth. If you would like to have our team investigate your home or business, visit our contact page. We would love to hear from you.

Mission Statement

DSPR preforms investigations free of charge to the best of our abilities from a neutral perspective to our clients with paranormal activity in their home or place of business with respect and dignity to all beliefs and faiths. Please contact us @  1 (931) 488-4130

Freedom Paranormal

About Freedom Paranormal
At Freedom Paranormal Investigation we put family first.  We understand that paranormal activity can affect the whole family and for this reason we approach each investigation as if we were dealing with our own families.   In keeping with this philosophy we give top priority to cases involving children.

Mission Statement
Freedom Paranormal was founded upon the idea that every member counts and that family comes first.  The founding members, having families themselves, wanted a group that kept family as a top priority.  For this reason we carry a family oriented attitude into everything we do.  This attitude brings with it activities for our team members' children, a Junior Hunters group to raise up the next generation of ghost hunters, and our understanding of the impact paranormal activities can have on a whole family.
We strive to keep our investigations as scientific as possible, however with several sensitive members on our team we do use our abilities as a tool to seek out and collect evidence. We are more than willing to share our personal experiences upon request. 


DEAD Creek Paranormal

About Dead Creek Paranormal

We are located in Austin, Texas and serve the surrounding area. Dead creek paranormal was created after several years of wondering what was that sound, shadow, figure or feeling...we investigate every thing having to do with the realm of the paranormal. founded by Will and Melissa Pritchard for the search of an answer to the worlds most unaswered question what happens when we die.

Mission Statement

There are still unaswered questions concerning the after life, what happens when we die? where to we go? can we still communicate with friends family and loved ones after we depart? DEAD Creek Paranormal does not have all the answers nore do we claim to be expert's but merly investigators trying to uncover the veil between the world we know and what lies BEYOND.

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