Investigators Needed!

We at LIPI have decided to extend our family. So if you have always been curious about the paranormal and would like to be apart of something more. Please send us a private message with your contact information and a brief description of your interest in the paranormal at www.facebook.com/Lincoln.Paranormal. Investigating the paranormal can be time consuming so please take that into consideration, and all LIPI members are required to pay a $20 monthly due to help with equipment upgrade, travel cost and anything else LIPI may need. Everything is voted on by all LIPI members.

Thank you!


Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigations

Mission Statement

    Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigations (LIPI) is a non-profit group that investigates paranormal phenomena; we will NEVER charge to investigate these claims. LIPI puts a strong emphasis on educating our clients and the general public. LIPI investigates sites of paranormal activity including but not limited too, houses, businesses and historical sites. We use audio and video recording equipment, along with equipment that measures the electromagnetic fields, temperatures and barometric pressure. It is LIPI’s goal to document irrefutably proof of the paranormal and to educate our clients and ourselves.

   The LIPI team is made of dedicated paranormal investigators, who constantly seek to further educate themselves in the parapsychology field. We further our knowledge through books, seminars, interviews, field research and having an open dialogue with other paranormal research organizations. LIPI are committed to helping others who request help and wish to understand the paranormal phenomena occurring around them or in their homes and businesses. LIPI cases are confidential and all client information, pictures, recordings, etc. will remain within LIPI. Unless a client signs a written consent release form giving LIPI permission to release approved information and evidence.


Jeremy Hickey

                                                 About L.I.P.I.

The first time Jeremy knew anything about the Paranormal was when he was 7 years old. Jeremy grew up on a family owned farm south of Decatur, IL. One day while waiting for the bus, Jeremy realized he left his book bag upstairs in his bedroom. Jeremy ran to the steps, and from the bottom of the stairs looking to the top of the stairs, he notices an old man standing there just looking at him. He had never seen this man before. Not thinking Jeremy ran outside to where he stayed until the bus picked him up.

Once Jeremy got home from school, he immediately told his mother what he saw. Curious, his mother got old family photos out for him to look at. Going through the pictures, Jeremy came across the man he saw. He told his mother that was the man in the picture. From there Jeremy’s mother told him that was his Great Grandfather, who died several years before he was born.

Jeremy being scared of the man, didn’t sleep upstairs for several years until one day his mother was talking about his Great Grandfather. Jeremy’s mother told him, he reminded her a lot of his Great Grandfather because they both were joksters. This eased his mind about going upstairs, from there his mother had the “Haunted Decatur” book by Troy Taylor. Jeremy started reading as much as he could about the paranormal field.

Troy Taylor:

No one person will ever know everything about the Paranormal, Everyone believes different."

Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigation was founded on 1 April 2009. Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigations was originally founded as Central Illinois Paranormal Investigation, but as the cases came and members left Jeremy changed the name to represent what the group was truly founded on. Jeremy always loved history and his favorite president was Abraham Lincoln, also believed what he stood for.

Abraham Lincoln always stated All men are created equal that no one man is any better than another. His beliefs and his actions in history is why Central Illinois Paranormal Investigations was changed to Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigations. Jeremy also believes every man and woman is created equal, and that no one person should be above any other.

Jeremy, when creating Lincoln Illinois Paranormal Investigations (LIPI), made his first decision that every member no matter race, religion, title, or personal belief has the same decision in the group as the Founder. Although the Founder has the final say, the Founder will always make the decision based on the majority of the groups vote. No matter what the decision is!

Jeremy’s goals for LIPI were too:

  • Find people who shared the same passion for the Paranormal as he does
  • To Help as many People as possible
  • Learn everything about the Paranormal that they could as a Team
  • Collect as much Evidence as Possible
  • Travel to multiple States and Countries to investigate the Paranormal
  • To spread Paranormal Unity

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